Saturday, August 7, 2010

4 down, about a gazillion to go

The quilt show's coming up and not only am I entering some quilts for exhibit, I'm making quilts as give-away and auction items. This past week, I've totally finished the duck quilt, two wall hangings and a table runner. Last night, I stretched a doll quilt and I have another, larger, wall hanging ready to quilt. My two bed sized quilts are at the quilters' (I don't like to quilt huge quilts on my personal sewing machine) and I have at least two, maybe three, more medium sized quilts to get borders on, stretch, and quilt, all before enter everything in the show. Plus at least one bag, maybe another couple of table runners, and a set of standing quilted santas.

LOTS to sew, so I'm definitely not getting a lot of writing done. Soon though, definitely soon. :)

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