Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing, writing...

I wrote about 22 pages this past weekend or so which, for me, was a flood of words. Some of the dialog between the main character and her love interest (no love there yet, tho) strikes me as really funny, which is kinda cool. A few things have surprised me, especially the depth of love she has for her best friend, and, so far I think the book's going exceptionally well.

Part of me wishes I could talk more about it, I've always enjoyed talking about the work, but this book is such a HUGE step away from the Dubric books, and I'm using a pseudonym so that people won't know it's me. I had a horrible, horrible time with the 'public' aspects of being a pro writer, and I REALLY want to avoid that mess this go-around, but - and isn't there always a but? - it's in my nature to blab. Which leads to things that make me uncomfortable, so I shy away from *everything*, then I feel bad, so I make myself do stuff, which leads me to more blabbing, and round the sit-and-spin we go.

So I'm TRYING not to blab. But I'm enjoying the book so far. Which is cool!

In sewing news - ha ha, as if sewing is ever news for me ;) - I tried an english paper piecing sample from that I picked up at a quilt show. It was just a little hexagon flower, all hand pieced, and while it's cute and all I now have zero doubt that I'm a machine piecer. It about drove me crazy! lol Here it is with the basting still in and each piece is a bit over an inch wide. I think I'll make a pincushion or something out of it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

All done! (with sewing, and wheat)

I've sewn a couple of quilts and a super-complicated diaper bag - a LOT more complicated and work intensive than I thought it would be when I designed the dang thing - and now, other than some partially finished projects that I really ought to get my rear in gear over and finish already, I am done sewing! There are no more babies due - that I know of, at least - until July. So I can *finally* spend some quality time with my word processor! Woot!

Also, after our impromptu trip to Oklahoma where we spent two days on the highway eating fast food, I noticed that I was a lot more bloated, grumpy, achy, fatigued than usual. So, encouraged by this new development, I started tracking what foods I ate and how they made me feel. Wheat, apparently, is not compatible with tambos and, after removing it, I've already dropped 8 lbs in just over a week. I am gobsmacked - I believe that's the word - and VERY encouraged. I have not lowered my caloric intake at all - in fact, I've increased it a bit, allowing myself some potato chips! Woot! And still the weight is slipping away, and my belly is no longer firm and puffy, but soft and flat. I am VERY excited about this!

So, a slightly lighter, skinnier me is back on the writing tonight, no more sewing for a while. And all is good here in tamboland!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lots of sewing!

Been working on baby quilts this past week and I've sewn and basted two completely different ones. I should be able to get at least one of them quilted Monday and, with luck, cut the fabric for a diaper bag. I've also added a couple of posts to The Ringer, but that's all the writing I've done lately.

Tanya has a lot of new fabrics in the shop that I'd really love to do something with, but I have a huge pile of projects that I need to finish first, especially Stuart's quilt. It's just so danged BIG - about 108" square - and I'm more of a little quilt kinda gal. But I have to finish the borders soon, so I can get the quilt on Marilyn's schedule to get quilted in time for the show this fall, then get it shipped to Scotland.

But baby quilts are more pressing, and I can finish them in a reasonable amount of time. Once I get these two done, I only have two more - that I know of - that I need to finish by mid-summer.  But it's been a harsh winter, so there may be many more babies on the way that I haven't heard about yet.

And Tanya has all this cool fabric in her shop! ;)