Friday, January 14, 2011

My Desk Monday, only it's Friday. And I took the picture on Tuesday. ;)

Because KnittyBitties said to post pictures of our desks - as a way to help keep them tidy, ha ha - I decided to play along. Here's my computer desk after the big declutter of last week.

The whole desktop. Note my crushing amount of vitamins and cold medicines on the top. Sigh.

Here's a little still life. ;)

Other than Malaysia's plate (and the one I had some popcorn on that I forgot about but have long since put in the dishwasher. Ooops!!) my desk still looks the same. So far so good there. I'll post again Monday along with this weekend's sewing. I'm taking a class to make a Diamond Jubliee quilt and it's coming along nicely so far! I also have a baby quilt to piece, and several things to send to my pre-readers.

Have a great weekend!

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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Yea Tammy! Thanks for playing along ... although let me be clear, you do not have to have a clean desk to join in :). I just think it's a fun look into life when you see those things around your desk and how they change daily.

Happy Weekend!