Sunday, January 2, 2011

My PhD Projects

I have a LOT of projects that I've been gathering fabric for and really need to start sewing, but I decided that in the best interest of this 'Projects Half Done' idea, I'd stick with quilts that I'd already begun, but hadn't completed yet.

In order of age (oldest to youngest) I'm committing to finishing these six things!

I started this stained glass quilt probably about 8 years ago, if not longer. Unlike a lot of stained glass quilts that use bias tape (often heat applied before finishing) for the leading, this is all one piece of fabric and the hole for each 'pane' of glass is hand-cut out, turned, then reverse appliqued onto the 'glass' fabric. Since I'm not a natural applique-er, it takes a long time, an x-acto knife, and a bit of concentration. But I need to get it done.

I pieced this kitty quilt maybe five years ago, and I have backing and everything, just haven't set myself down and finished it. Time to get it done. :)

This colorwash quilt was made from a 100-charm fabric pack of the Fossil Fern fabric line and it's a pattern called Square Dance. I've had it stretched and basted for almost 2 years now, just have no idea how to quilt the darn thing. Guess I'd better figure it out. ;)

Here's a feathered star I started about a year and a half ago. I still have to piece the center (a much smaller yet structurally the same mini feathered star) plus the pieced flying geese borders. I think there's only one pieced border. Least I hope so. lol

I'd been collecting pinks and greens for a long time and this previous summer I started piecing them into this fun, curvy pattern. I think this will end up as a bed sized quilt - which means I'll send it out to get quilted, but it, too, needs to be finished.

Lastly, I'd started this little table topper back in November, intending to make myself a Christmas quilt, but I obviously haven't finished it yet. It just needs stretched, basted, and quilted. Not too tough, right? ;)

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