Monday, March 1, 2010

The Pink (& Green) Monster - Step One

I've been collecting pink fabrics for, oh, a few years now, since long before we moved up here to the northern wilderness. And, I've especially been collecting pink-and-green fabrics, which also encouraged me to pick up some minty greens too, and, anyway, I have a lot. Like a whole shopping bag full :)

(more after the break)

I even have a pattern in mind - which I will show as I sew it. But, it all starts by cutting the pinks into 2-1/2 inch strips.

Then sewing those strips into sets

Then cutting those sets with a template.

Which leaves a big pile of ovals!

And Step One is done!

I was originally planning on making a bed-sized quilt with the pinks and greens, but after having them all sprawled over my kitchen table, I, um, decided that that's a bit too bright, even for me. So instead of cutting many strips of each pink fabric and making many, many strips sets and many, many MORE ovals, I'm just going to do one strip of each. Well, most. I do have some extra. Anyway, I now have more than enough to make a pretty big wallhanging instead of a huge bed quilt. :)

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