Monday, April 12, 2010

All done! (with sewing, and wheat)

I've sewn a couple of quilts and a super-complicated diaper bag - a LOT more complicated and work intensive than I thought it would be when I designed the dang thing - and now, other than some partially finished projects that I really ought to get my rear in gear over and finish already, I am done sewing! There are no more babies due - that I know of, at least - until July. So I can *finally* spend some quality time with my word processor! Woot!

Also, after our impromptu trip to Oklahoma where we spent two days on the highway eating fast food, I noticed that I was a lot more bloated, grumpy, achy, fatigued than usual. So, encouraged by this new development, I started tracking what foods I ate and how they made me feel. Wheat, apparently, is not compatible with tambos and, after removing it, I've already dropped 8 lbs in just over a week. I am gobsmacked - I believe that's the word - and VERY encouraged. I have not lowered my caloric intake at all - in fact, I've increased it a bit, allowing myself some potato chips! Woot! And still the weight is slipping away, and my belly is no longer firm and puffy, but soft and flat. I am VERY excited about this!

So, a slightly lighter, skinnier me is back on the writing tonight, no more sewing for a while. And all is good here in tamboland!

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