Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lots of sewing!

Been working on baby quilts this past week and I've sewn and basted two completely different ones. I should be able to get at least one of them quilted Monday and, with luck, cut the fabric for a diaper bag. I've also added a couple of posts to The Ringer, but that's all the writing I've done lately.

Tanya has a lot of new fabrics in the shop that I'd really love to do something with, but I have a huge pile of projects that I need to finish first, especially Stuart's quilt. It's just so danged BIG - about 108" square - and I'm more of a little quilt kinda gal. But I have to finish the borders soon, so I can get the quilt on Marilyn's schedule to get quilted in time for the show this fall, then get it shipped to Scotland.

But baby quilts are more pressing, and I can finish them in a reasonable amount of time. Once I get these two done, I only have two more - that I know of - that I need to finish by mid-summer.  But it's been a harsh winter, so there may be many more babies on the way that I haven't heard about yet.

And Tanya has all this cool fabric in her shop! ;)

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