Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing, writing...

I wrote about 22 pages this past weekend or so which, for me, was a flood of words. Some of the dialog between the main character and her love interest (no love there yet, tho) strikes me as really funny, which is kinda cool. A few things have surprised me, especially the depth of love she has for her best friend, and, so far I think the book's going exceptionally well.

Part of me wishes I could talk more about it, I've always enjoyed talking about the work, but this book is such a HUGE step away from the Dubric books, and I'm using a pseudonym so that people won't know it's me. I had a horrible, horrible time with the 'public' aspects of being a pro writer, and I REALLY want to avoid that mess this go-around, but - and isn't there always a but? - it's in my nature to blab. Which leads to things that make me uncomfortable, so I shy away from *everything*, then I feel bad, so I make myself do stuff, which leads me to more blabbing, and round the sit-and-spin we go.

So I'm TRYING not to blab. But I'm enjoying the book so far. Which is cool!

In sewing news - ha ha, as if sewing is ever news for me ;) - I tried an english paper piecing sample from that I picked up at a quilt show. It was just a little hexagon flower, all hand pieced, and while it's cute and all I now have zero doubt that I'm a machine piecer. It about drove me crazy! lol Here it is with the basting still in and each piece is a bit over an inch wide. I think I'll make a pincushion or something out of it.

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